Thursday, 8-2-2012


Thursday, 8-2-2012

For time:
50 Toes through rings or GHD sit-ups
75 Push press 75/53
1000m Run
Some of you have heard about this ridiculous event but here we go….the Whitest Butt Competition!  Rosa vs Robby.  Cast your votes here under “comments” or on Facebook. Have fun with this one haha!!
Please leave your name and you can only vote once – either here or on Facebook. 

19 Responses

  1. Jilly Bean

    Those r some seriously white asses. Love both of u guys but I think rosa definitely has you on this one.

  2. Rachel S.

    It was hard to tell because I felt you guys needed to show some more butt. 🙂
    My vote is Rosa! She had the most contrast-:)

  3. Weezy

    First of neither one of you should be legally allowed to raise kids because of this contest. Second Robby wins. I think he broke some pixels on my iPhone cause of the whiteness!!!