Thursday, 6-7-2012


Thursday, 6-7-2012

For time:
1 mile run
2000m row
1 mile run
Great day to break out the weight vests!!!

A preview of the Legend's competitor shirts

We have our judges roster set but we still need volunteers to help with this event.  Please email us if you are interested THANK YOU!!!

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  1. robbyz

    Good question. I guess it is a 2-part answer. We wanted to potentially make this a “series” across Colorado where other affiliates could host through various times during the year and crown an annual “Legend”. Since it is also and age class competition with Master’s + levels we found the name was fitting.

  2. Anonymous

    Response to Robby’s blog post. If people are paying to attend your gym (especially those who go 3 times per week) they should be able to choose when they want to go. I don’t want to pay to run when I do that on my own. I pay for the class cardio lifting

    1. robbyz

      I know you posted this anonymously but it would be nice to know who this is. Please email me directly ([email protected]) or call me (970-846-5731) to talk more about your concerns. Thanks.

  3. Paul

    If someone is really into Crossfit and being and fit it does not matter what the wod is.. show up and kill it no matter what. Even if it’s Kelly in a blizzard!!!! Trust the programming, these coaches are good!

  4. Monika

    I would have went to this wod if it was yesterday, but today was my day off. If people want to pay to short change themselves on getting fit by purposely skipping hard wods then that’s their issue. If I’m going to be doing a lot of running I’d at least like to be able to mentally prepare myself for the coming suck. Never knowing when it would happen would always make me apprehensive going to the wods and I always loved the attitude in crossfit that you show up it sucks you do it and its over, not “oh gosh I really hope it’s not this or that today”.

  5. Jennifer

    I understand your frustration, but I don’t agree with your solution. We don’t know why people did not show up, sure it could be because of the WOD, but it could be other reasons (sick, it was their off day, or they were up all night working) . There have been other days where nobody showed for a 5:30am or 6:30am class, Trish posted about that before. Again I think it is just the luck of the draw on the early morning classes . Not everybody wants to get up at 5:30am, but I personally am so glad you have classes then.

    You can’t help people, if they don’t want to be helped. If the running is intimidating and they do not want to show-up, so be it. They will get to the point of tackling running when they are ready… I for one love coming to Alpine especially because I don’t get brow beat if I don’t make classes for a few days due to work or family or whatever. I don’t get judged because I modify the workout because I am not at a point where I can RX some WODs. Hiding the WOD seems like a punishment.

    Perhaps if you are trying to solve the problem of having no attendance on a running WOD, you could have an alternative WOD for those that are not comfortable with the running. Just an idea. Personally I would love to see the WODs for the week. I am going to be there 3-5 times a week, let me pick which ones I go to… They are all hard WOD’s but if I have only 3 days I can go on a particular week, it would be great to pick the 3 days I want to go to insure I get the best overall workout. If people decide they don’t want to go to a WOD because it is too hard, they have to deal with that. As you say “No Struggles, No Progress”….everybody will get there when they are ready.

    1. Anonymous

      WORD Jennifer! Another suggestion- make it clear why it is beneficial to come to a “running” WOD (sure it might get old for you having to post it along with every running WOD you post, but it reminds people)- having other people to run with, pushing yourself harder than when you run alone, and getting coached on your technique to make you a better runner!! If people don’t see the value, then they won’t do it. But show them the value and they’ll be more likely to. And I agree with Monika above when she says it would make her a little apprehensive knowing that perhaps the posted WOD for the day isn’t really the WOD. Just my two cents 🙂 Happy running AND lifting everyone!

  6. Jason W.

    First off, I think Robby’s passion for the sport and for those who participate is clearly evident, which is just one of the things that make Alpine so great. That said, I think if this was a gym of just competition athletes then that would be an appropriate solution, but the fact is people have different goals and motivations. I have been a member for just shy of 4 months now and joined in order to get healthy and improve fitness, in a positive environment, with coaches who motivate and support and I love it. I have seen great personal gains in that short amount of time. However, I am still nowhere near being an athlete who competes and honestly that is not a goal of mine right now, perhaps down the road. Many times I see what the WOD is and say “Man, that one is going to suck”, which is my cue to make sure I attend if possible. But I am also fighting a stiff and sore knee that just doesn’t want to cooperate, so I do at times choose to avoid WODs that have the potential to aggravate it. Just my two cents.

    1. RobbyZ

      Thank you Jason for the kind words! Completely understand about the knee and that is an understandable issue for sure. I also wanted you to know that I didn’t want you to confuse not posting a WOD with its correlation to preparing for competition. 99% of our members do not compete in CF competitions. Sorry if it came off that way.

      I’ll get to everyone’s posts soon too but this is what I put on the Book:

      Appreciate the feedback everyone….both here and on the site. I am doing my best to keep everyone happy while also keeping your best fitness interests in mind. It has proven to be a very fine line! I want everyone to know that we are definitely not punishing our members if we choose to not post these 1-2 WODs per month. We consider posting WODs a luxury and it is very frustrating for me/us when people take advantage of that.