Thursday, 5-19-2011


Thursday, 5-19-2011

Back Squat 3-3-3+
For reps:
Tabata knees to elbows
Tabata plate squats 45/25

Congrats to Greg who linked his first kipping pull-ups yesterday! Big accomplishment!

Saturday 10:30am.  Sign up for this class here one the Facebook event page.
Sunday 12:30pm.  Sign up for this class here on the Facebook event page.
Regular classes will start June 1st and will run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the summer.  Please come in this weekend to check it out!

7 Reasons Kids Should CrossFit
By Leah Hosburgh
1.       Lifetime Fitness
CrossFit has redefined, more accurately, what fitness is: moving large loads over long distances in a short amount of time-increased work capacity! This definition does not lend itself to any kind of fad. It’s a journey that can last a lifetime.  Because CrossFit movements are functional, kids will learn and develop skills that will transfer into daily life, sports, or recreational activities. One place we hope they won’t end up is in the nursing home. If kids learn how to move their bodies functionally, we hope to see less of them in hospitals, on pain medication, or on the surgeon’s table in the future.
2.       Develops Confidence
Most kids will never touch a barbell or do more than one or two chin ups. In CrossFit, they have an opportunity to exceed that standard far beyond what they could imagine. CrossFit opens the door of opportunity to go beyond the ordinary. CrossFit programming makes goal-setting easy because we have skills, benchmark workouts, time, weight, and modal domains to work with. Kids find out what they are made of.
3.       Develops Leadership
CrossFit exposes leaders. Each workout gives kids an opportunity to step up as a top scorer, coach, or teammate. Kids will begin holding their peers accountable either by modeling, cueing, or encouragement.  Kids learn the CrossFit methodology, what is good movement, and then set the example for the rest.
4.       Community
CrossFit athletes describe completing a workout together like they went to war together. CrossFit elicits remarkable results. It’s not without hard work, however. The best part is that people go through the pain together and come out the other side a little more connected.  They learn teamwork, taking risks, trusting each other and how to communicate. They see their friends through one more rep and then celebrate their accomplishments.
5.       It’s Safe
CrossFit asks the body to move in ways it was meant to. With good coaching and proper technique, these movements are safer than most sports. As Dr. Jon Gary, a CrossFit Kids Coach and neurobiologist , says, there are “three orders of magnitude greater-thousand times, ten-thousand times more injuries in competitive sports than there are in weightlifting” (Crossfit Journal,  March 9, 2011). Injuries are more likely when movement is sporadic or unplanned, like twisting the ankle while trying to receive a basketball. By design, CrossFit does not allow for such incidents, and we, as coaches, teach technique, consistency, and then intensity in that order.
6.       Best Prep for Sports
CrossFit is meant to be the foundation for developing sport such as, baseball, basketball, football, or lacrosse. CrossFit programming will develop strong athletes in the ten general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed coordination, agility, balance, accuracy. All of these skills are part and parcel to any sport, and CrossFit teaches kids how to master them across broad time and modal domains.
7.       It’s Fun
What’s more interesting to kids than constantly varied? Each day presents something new, different, challenging, and never boring!

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