Thursday, 5-10-2012


Thursday, 5-10-2012

Skill: Handstand walking progressions
Push Press 2-5-2-5-2-5
50 Burpees for time (re-test from 1 month ago)

Coach Foust in a solid KB Thruster position.

Hey Alpine! 
Tomorrow (Friday’s post) we are going to have an “online suggestion box” on the website.  Plan to post under comments tomorrow with any suggestions you have to improve Alpine.  This can be related to anything such as: equipment suggestions, programming, class sizes, social outings, gym vibe, coaching, additional class times, open gym, strength/Oly/Endurance/competitor specialty classes, our current nutrition challenge, etc etc etc.
We would appreciate if you leave your name but you can post 100% anonymous too.  Just click on “Leave a comment” but don’t fill out your name or email address and it will post anonymously (I promise we can’t see it either)  Please just be respectful!  For example, rather than saying “Coach Rob-o smells” maybe say “I would appreciate it Coach Rob-o showered more than once per week”
Haha but seriously please put some thought into what you would like to suggest so Alpine can continue to become a better place!  I hope EVERYONE posts tomorrow. Thanks you guys!

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  1. Sharla

    KB snatch to work for skill or in WOD for tomorrow.
    Add a 3:30pm class or open gym time for the summer. Ever just two or three days out of the week.