Thursday, 4-25-2013


Thursday, 4-25-2013

This Saturday we are going to 5280 Gymnastics (off of 44th ave – only a few miles from Alpine) to join their 8:00am adult class.  Excellent opportunity to work on a spring floor and practice your handstands, forward rolls, handstand walking, cartwheels, BACK FLIPS INTO A FOAM PIT, etc.  We will have cost for everyone soon but it will be about $10 per person.  Please sign up on the whiteboard at Alpine.  We plan to start doing this one Saturday per month.  Please don’t miss out on this – it will be a blast!!
Split press 3×5
12min AMRAP
10 Alternating Arm DB Power Snatch 65/45 (5 per arm, 10 total)
5  75ft Sprints (one length, East to West wall in Alpine)
Rest 30sec after each round
Mop Head Weezy.

Mop Head Weezy.


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  1. Jeremy

    Caveman cafeteria now has a food stand on 16th and Larimer. Finally some real paleo food on those days you need to get out of office or ran out of cooked food at home