Thursday, 2-16-2012


Thursday, 2-16-2012

6 days til the start of the Open!!! We will have a schedule emailed shortly of when we will offer times to hit Open WODs.
10 Overhead squats 75/53  (Open athletes: 10 Squat snatch 75/53)
15  Jumping lunges
20  Double unders
25 yard shuttle sprint  (5×5 yard sprints)
Rest 90sec after each round
This is similar to yesterday’s main site WOD with some light barbell work instead of the burpees.  Here is a link for a video  of the WOD demo. Move FAST today!!
Tracy Coop-ster (aka Coop Dawg, Coop Zilla, Coop-a-rama, etc) just hit her one year anniversary with us at Alpine.  Here is what this BAD ASS had to say which is now on our testimonial page:
“It’s been one year since I started at Alpine CrossFit and don’t regret one day of misery! 17 lbs lighter and loads stronger. I remember the day I could only pull 175 from the floor on a deadlift and now I can pull 240. Thanks to the Alpine community for helping me believe and changing my way of life. Love you guys!”
Also celebrating some recent monumental achievements is Mr. Scott Bergeron.  Many of you saw the Facebook video I posted yesterday of Scott.  WOW!  Please check out the YouTube video HERE. Unbelievable transformation for those of you who know him!! We will post another “after” video shortly of him so stay tuned. For now, please feel free to leave him a congratulatory note on his hard work over the past year.  Scott is a true inspiration and we hope to have many follow in his foot steps.

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  1. Tracy. You have made some huge accomplishments in this last year. We are all lucky to have you in our lives. I spoke briefly to Shelly “WO” yesterday and she says she misses the “good old days” last year when it was just the three of us at 3:30. We went through a lot together and it’s paying off now. Your WODs are an inspiration to watch and I am always trying to keep up. Congratulations.

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you so much! I love working out with you and you’re my inspiration too! I look back at our pictures together and we both have come along way. I have loved every minute of this journey and look forward to everday. Maybe we can get Wo and come in at 3:30 and wod it up. Congratulations to you too Scott!