Thursday, 11-12-15


Thursday, 11-12-15

Winter weather reminder – please bring a pair of shoes to change into or clean your shoes off very very well.  We do not want the gym to turn into the dirty muddy parking lot.  Please help keep your gym clean by changing your shoes in the entry way.  Thank you!!

Workout of the Day
20 Min Running Clock, rest as needed between efforts but get the work in in the allotted time:
0-10 minutes
Group 1: 5×100′ Yoke Carry (AHAP)  Group 2: 5×100′ Sled Push (AHAP)
10-20min, switch movements
Group 1: 5×100′ Sled Push (AHAP)  Group 2: 5×100′ Yoke Carry (AHAP) 

*100 feet = Down & Back (pole to pole), AHAP = As Heavy As Possible


12min AMRAP
25 Ball Slams 40/30
75 Double unders
5 Bar muscle ups


*If your Bar MU is close, then use band assist.  Sub with 15 ring dips.


Post your results to the Whiteboard.