Thursday, 10-27-2011


Thursday, 10-27-2011

HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY DOMINIC!!  We will be having an 8:30am class today.
Split jerk 3-3-2-2-1-1-1
35 Ball slam 30/20
35 Thrusters 45/33
35 Double unders
*Light weight, high rep, but fast met-con.  Go hard and unbroken!

Happy birthday you old man! haha! Dominic is a semi-pro caliber tennis player who has recently joined us to train during his offseason. Thanks for becoming part of the Alpine family. Hope you enjoy this one!


SUPER BUMMER!!! Heather slipped on some nasty ice yesterday and broke her tib and fib. She will be having surgery early Thursday morning. We are thinking of you Heather and so sorry this has happend!


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