Thursday 10-18-2012


Thursday 10-18-2012

Squat Snatch 5×3  add 5/2-3lbs
Close grip bench press 3×5  add 3-2/1-2lbs


then DE (SPEED!!!!) Box Squats: 8×2 at 50%, :30 rest between sets
Low Bar Position on the Squat
Low bar position on Box Squat. Notice the tight upper-back.

Box Squat Starting Position. The starting position on Box Squats is similar as for Squats. Although you’ll use a slightly wider stance.
  • Low Bar. High bar doesn’t work for Box Squats. Put the bar low, on top of your scapular spine. If this position feels hard: thoracic mobility.
  • Narrow Grip. Makes it easier to keep your upper-back tight, which adds strength. Do shoulder dislocations if you struggle with this position.
  • Foot Stance. Doesn’t need to be a sumo stance, but should definitely be wider than your shoulder-width.
  • Tight Upper-back. Imagine you try to squeeze a pen between your shoulder-blades. Keep this position during the whole lift.
  • Chest Up. Make a big chest and keep it up. This together with the tight upper-back will prevent your back to bend.
  • Look Forward. Fix a point in front of you during the whole lift. Don’t look up or down: look forward. If it’s a mirror: look through it.
  • Push Your Abs Out. Increases lower back stability. Push your abs out as if someone was going to punch you in your stomach.
How to Squat Down on The Box.Lower yourself by moving your hips first. Your knees should hardly move during Box Squats, it all comes from your hips. Read the article on how NOT to Squat.
  • Sit Back. Lead by pushing your hips back as far as you can. Think sitting on a toilet. Your knees don’t move, your hips move back.
  • Shins Perpendicular. Or even past perpendicular to the floor. You’ll get this by moving your hips first. Push them back as far as you can.
  • Knees Out. Your upper-thighs must stay inline with your feet to avoid knee injuries. Push your knees out, point them where your toes point.
  • Sit on The Box. Do not let yourself fall on the box. Lower yourself under control. Not slow, and not a touch & go. It should be controlled.
  • Stay Tight. Don’t relax your muscles, it can cause back injuries. Keep all your muscles tight on the box.

How to Squat off The Box.
Stay tight, keep your chest up and look forward. Squat up by thinking hips up, do not lean forward.
  • Heels on The Floor. Curl your toes. Heels on the floor so you don’t lose balance. Push from the outer side of your feet (wear Chuck Taylor’s!)
  • Explode. You can’t do Box Squats slow. Squat up by exploding from your hips. That’s how Box Squats build hip power.

Common Box Squat Mistakes.
Box Squats – like any weight lifting exercise – can mess with your lower back if you don’t do them correctly. The key is to sit on the box and stay tight. Do not bounce or relax.
  • Bouncing off The Box. Sandwiches your spine between the bar & the box, causing back injuries. Lower yourself under control. Sit on the box.
  • Relaxing on The Box. Your spine gets the whole load as surrounding muscles can’t provide support. Stay tight, push your abs out.
  • Knees Forward. Kills posterior chain strength. Keep your shins (past) perpendicular to the floor. Lower yourself by pushing your hips back.
  • Rocking Forward. Can’t use your glutes effectively this way and risk back injury. Squat up by moving your hips up. Keep your torso still.
  • Leaning Forward. Can make your back round. Look forward, big chest, shoulder-blades back & down, arch your back, push your abs out, Squat.
  • Knees In. Puts uneven compressive forces on your knee joint. Push your knees out from start to finish. Keep your thighs inline with your feet.

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