Thursday, 1-5-2012


Thursday, 1-5-2012

Day 4 of WHOLE 30
Happy 28th Birthday Manisha!!
For time:
5 Rounds
2 Cleans @85% 1RM
28 Double unders (must be unbroken for Rx)
After your 5th set of double unders perform
28 Deadlifts (w/ Clean weight)
28 Pull-ups
(Time ends)
*Manisha’ has been out of town since her birthday (Dec 28) so we saved a special one for her today

Manisha, Hubby Dr. D, and lil Maddie repping Alpine and Chiromega

Manisha is the owner of Food Gone Paleo and supplies our members with delicious Paleo goodness by request.  Take advantage during our WHOLE 30!!!

Maddie was crazy strong during her younger years at Alpine 1.0