This is going to be tough…


This is going to be tough…

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


Wish Coach Jen good luck!!

Full Body Warm-up B (No Measure)

3 Rounds for Fun

With a partner:

7 (each person) wall ball shots over the bar Light weight ball

7 (each person) Medball toss situps to partner

7 “Low 5” Push-ups with partner

5 Minutes Mobility of your choice


This is going to be tough… (Time)

Partner Workout For Time:

-200 m farmer carry (#35/#55), 100 box jumps (20’/24′)

-20/30 cals on assault bike, 80 WB (20/14)

– 200 m farmer carry (#35/#55), 60 burpees

-20/30 cals on assault bike, 40 single arm DB squat snatch (#35/55)
Partner workout: Each individual in the pair must personally complete the first movement, the second movement can be partitioned however the partners see fit. (Both partners are working at the same time. If one is doing farmer’s carry, the other should box jump till that partner returns. The returning partner picks up where the other partner left off. Then, the partner that was on the box jumps moves to the farmers carry)

Cool Down Mobility

Coach’s choice