Thank you Tessemaes & Capellos! Monday, 11-5-2012


Thank you Tessemaes & Capellos! Monday, 11-5-2012

Monday strength set –  Cycle 3 of 3, Week 1 of 4
Deadlift 1×5
**Take 5 sets to work up to a 5 rep max, adding 5lbs/2.5lbs from your last lift (Cycle 2, week 3)
**These are not touch & go repetitions.  Re-set on each rep.
Three rounds for time:
10 Squat cleans 135/95
20 Toes to bar
Big THANK YOU to Tessemae’s and to Capellos who donated their time to provide us with some Paleo friendly products.  Tessemae’s specializes in all natural salad dressings and Capellos makes gluten-free pasta. Both companies are LOCAL and very PALEO FRIENDLY!  Tom and Andrew from Tessemae’s even came to our nutrition meeting Sunday afternoon for the 21-day sugar detox. 
Check out there website to learn about their Whole30 Paleo friendly products:

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  1. Lily

    LOVE the Zesty Ranch dressing and the Hot sauce Tessaeas makes! Grab it from Whole Foods where they are exclusively sold- they’ll be on sale for $4.49 14th-28th!