Test Week Day One


Test Week Day One

Alpine CrossFit – Sport

10 min Warm-up (No Measure)

400 m slow jog

Jumping Jacks—x 10-15

Horizontal and Forward Leg Swing—x 10-15 each leg.

Squat Toe touches—x 10-15.

Supine Hip Bridges—x 10-15.

Fire Hydrants—x 10-15 each side.

Iron Cross—x 10-15 each side.

Lunges With Twist—x 10-15 each

Push-Ups—x 10-15.

Sit-Ups—x 10-15.

Supermans—x 10-15.

Back Squat (Working up to 5 RM)

Metcon (Distance)

Vert test

Metcon (10 Rounds for time)

Sprint Repeats

100 m row


Metcon (Time)

Arrowhead Agility
Round 1-Left

Round 2-Right

Round 3-Left

Round 4-Right

Round 5-Left

Round 6-Right