Sunday, Feb 11th: CrossFit


Sunday, Feb 11th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


Posterior Chain Warm-up (No Measure)


Monster Walk Lap Forward

Monster Walk Lap Backwards

Monster Walk Lap Lateral (Below knee)

5 Squats @ 25X1

W/O Band:

10 Bow and Bend (Arch your body back then reach down to touch your toes)

:30 1/2 Kneeling Ankle Mobility w/ Plate (per side)

20 Alt Busdrivers

:30 Pec Stretch on Rig (each side)


Metcon (Weight)

30 Min EMOM

At the top of the first minute—75 feet of burpee broad jumps

At the top of the second minute—3 Atlas Stones to Shoulder

At the top of the third minute—6 dumb bell thrusters

Repeat this pattern for 30 minutes. If you finish the burpee broad jumps in 18 seconds you have 42 seconds to rest before doing the stone to shoulder.

Weight on the stone should be as close to body weight as possible for men. 60% of body weight for women.