Sunday, 9-25-2011 – DAY 1 in Chile


Sunday, 9-25-2011 – DAY 1 in Chile

OPEN GYM 9:00-11:00am
I’ll be expecting everyone to commute to Chile for this one….


Alright you skiing and CrossFit fans! We made it here safely without too much hassle.  Took exactly 26 hours door-to-door but all worth it!  I got about an hour of sleep on the plane overnight and then we rolled in to Portillo, got checked in, and immediately hit a few late afternoon runs.  Snow was great and soft but not mushy at all.  I ripped a few runs in a t-shirt…yes its pretty warm.  Great time to ski!  It will freeze overnight and the Team will have some rock-hard conditions in the morning. 
After skiing we caught up with the Team and met everyone.  Really welcoming and great group of athletes, coaches, PT’s, docs, techs etc.  A LOT of people help make this organization what it is.  Feels like I was just here with them even though it has been two years.  Plan is Downhill training tomorrow morning and giant slalom right after.  On the hill at 7:30am and they will be done around 12.  Our plan is to get out early and help set and slip.  No gates for us yet.
I will get much more video tomorrow.  I slacked big time today…forgot to bring the Flip cam with me.  Will get plenty of on-snow action tomorrow but here’s a quick video from today.
My Dad’s blog HERE


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  1. DrDave

    Have a great time. Looking forward to your videos. Bad news is that despite the 26 hr flight you didn’t cross the international dateline and lose a day, hence you still have to do Friday and Saturday’s burpees…that’s 39.

  2. This is so fun to be following along as you go. Have fun, Robby, and say hi to your dad for me. I’ll be checking in every day . . . and polishing up the RMM trophy for you, which I’m predicting will be yours after this kind of training!