Sunday 11-18-2012


Sunday 11-18-2012

**********************OPEN GYM 8:00-9:00 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!***************************

Then come up to MBS and cheer on the Alpine athletes competing in the Turkey Challenge!!!


Found this on another CrossFit’s Page! Thought I’d share~Trish

Gym Etiquette:

-Leaving your sh** out. Your mom doesn’t work here. No one wants to clean up after you. We have a busy schedule with lots of members in a small space. Put your equipment back exactly how you found it. If you found it in the wrong place, put it back where it belongs. This includes rubber bands, boxes, kettlebells in the right spot, plates on the right stack (pay attention to where you’re putting the 10?s. There’s 2 stacks now.) and anything else you use.

-Wipe your balls off. If you sweat all over the med-balls, please wipe them off before you put them back. Nobody wants your sweat all over them. This goes for AbMats and yoga mats as well.

-Breaking our sh**. Don’t drop empty barbells or kettlebells. They can break, and they’re expensive.

-Leaving empty bottles around the gym. Your mom still doesn’t work here. Recycle empty water bottles.

-Stinking up the gym. Hygiene is important. Seriously. Don’t come in to the gym without using deodorant. I can’t stress this enough. I don’t want to smell you. The other athletes don’t want to smell you. Don’t be that person. Also, wash your gym clothes. Never, ever, come in here wearing dirty clothes. Wash your shit every time you work out. If your shirts start to develop that perma-stench, throw that shit away. Seriously, don’t be the smelly kid in class.

-Coming to the gym sick. What the heck is wrong with you? Go home and sleep. Not only will you slow your recovery, but you’ll get me sick, and the other members, too. Go home.

OK, that’s some of the stuff. Don’t be rude and inconsiderate, be awesome instead! OK, see you guys at the gym. Have a good time!

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