Sunday 10-28-2012


Sunday 10-28-2012

OPEN GYM 9-11:00

Don’t forget!!! 5:00 tonight is the 21 Day Sugar Detox/Paleo Meeting!!! Challenge starts November 1st!
I am asking for everyone to bring a dish to share and the recipe that follows the guidelines below in the 21 day detox list of approved foods.
The Challenge will last from November 1st to November 21st (in time for Thanksgiving!!)
The following are the 21 day rules to participate:
Cost is $21
You will have a photo taken and also will be weighed (but the challenge is not about weight loss!)
You will keep a food log at (they have a phone app too!) (and be friends with me, todonn, and your buddy)
You will also have a challenge buddy.

There will be prizes along the way. Your name is entered for a drawing for attending meetings, sharing recipes, completing food logs, workouts at Alpine over 2 a week, and other ideas I come up with! 🙂

We will make this fun but most of all you will reset yourselves and get off the sugar train! You will feel amazing at the end!
Please reply back to [email protected] if you are attending and also if you want to participate but cannot attend.

Its only three weeks. you can do anything for three weeks!!! Looking for a recipe? Check out or google paleo.Just be sure the recipe’s ingredients are on the allowed food list below!

I’m excited are you????
We will have a Facebook Group to share recipes, questions, struggles, triumphs and support. You will be added if you are participating. For those members not quite ready to jump into the challenge but would like to be part of the group, please ask for an invite and you will be added! 21 Day Facebook Group.  Just a warning… You may be jealous and be wishin you joined up! HAHA!  No problem! Join us on the journey!!