St. Patty’s Day


St. Patty’s Day

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Front Squat Warm UP (No Measure)

500 m run:

-3 min Banded FR on box w/ PVC pipe

-2 min/side runners lunge, elevate front foot on 45lb plate to increase ROM

-1 min gobblet squat

-T-spine rollout


Metcon (Time)

5 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

15 thrusters

Men: 95 lb.

Women: 65 lb.

**21 min cap**
I want you to be moving through these thrusters and hitting the run hard. To achieve this metobolic goal, please SCALE. Scale the distance (or rounds) way down, if necessary, to achieve a challenging pace. Scale back the weight as well, all the way down to the barbell, if necessary.