Saturday, Summer Competition Vibes


Saturday, Summer Competition Vibes

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Round of applause for a quality week put together by Ben Barton!

Remember: No Sunday Class tomorrow! We will be hosting Power Athletes for Pitties, come on by for the fun 🙂

Lastly, Katie is here Monday


We’ll all do this basic warm-up together. Get organized, then Group One will warm up each movement. Aim is to start 15 min into class. After Group One is done, Group Two will warm up each movement before they hit this FGB.

Midline Warm-up (No Measure)

1 min psoas march:


3 rounds:

30 second wall sit

10 Bow and Bends

10 bird dogs

10 side plank crunch

10 kneeling band twists


This is competition style! The group will be split into two. Group one will move through the workout while Group 2 counts their reps and encourages them. We’ll switch place after they’re done.

Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots (Reps), 20#
Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps), 75#
Box Jumps, 20″ (Reps)
Push-press (Reps), 75#
Row (Calories)
1-minute rest