Saturday, May 11th: CrossFit


Saturday, May 11th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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3 Rounds(each person) Partner Rowling:

**For every meter you are above or below 100 you AND your partner must do:**

Round 1: Inch worm push push up + Air Squat (Every meter = 1 Inch worm w/push up + Air Squat)

Round 2: 5s Hollow Body Hold(Every meter = 5s of Hollow Body Hold)

Round 3: Zombie Squat with PVC Pipe with 3s pause at bottom (Every meter = 1 Zombie Squat)


3 Rounds of:

-10 Banded Glute Bridges w/ 3s pause at the top of each one

-10 Empty Bar DL

-10 Single Skips

-10 Empty Bar Front Squats

-10 Single Skips

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Rounds:

3 min AMRAP:

-10 DL(135/95)

-50 DU

-10 Front Squats(135/95#)

-25 DU

**Rest 3 minutes between Rounds.**
4 sets:

3 min AMRAP:

-10 Double KB DL

-50 Single Skips

-10 Goblet Squats(1 KB)

-25 Single Skips

**Rest 3 minutes between sets.**

Cool Down

4-5 minute AB Flush out

4-5 minute Lower Body Foam Roll

90-120s Banded Hamstring Floss, each leg