Saturday: July 29th


Saturday: July 29th

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


Next Saturday we are bringing back CrossFit coach extraordinaire, Tom Ashby!

Tom will be coaching all three classes next Saturday, so make sure you sign-up for the fun 🙂


The Saturday Special (No Measure)

Split up into two groups,

Relay style “race” one person working at a time.

Do the dynamic exercise down the length of the gym and run back to tag the next person in line. Everyone in your group must do that exercise before moving on to next exercise.

-high knees

-butt kickers

-crab walk

-Sampson Stretch (quality)

-bear crawl


WOD Review

Setting up the partner deadlift scheme. For this workout, teams must DL the total amounts listed below. You can break this down however you would like.

For example. Take a M/F RX team. They need to DL a total of #8,000. This can be done by each pair DL #135 for 30 reps. Alternately, one could DL #200 for 30 reps, while the other did #65 for 30 reps (weight can be rounded for calculating convince, try to come close)






Metcon (Time)

Partners need to complete the below volume of work however they would like, only one person can be working at a time:

-10, 100m sprints

-80/70/60 AB calories

-60 burpees

-The DL total listed above

-20 C2B/Pull-ups/ring rows
To check RX+ or RX, you must meet all requirements. Please scale where necessary