Saturday, July 7th: CrossFit


Saturday, July 7th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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NEXT Saturday is a little in-house comp. The competition will be 90 minutes from 8:00-9:30 and is fun for THE WHOLE family. Yes, that’s right. Kids in the youth program are going to join in on this too.

***There will be no 10:00 class

Leg Warm-up B (No Measure)

3 Laps

10 Plow to Straddle

10 Scorpions

3 Laps with Dynamic your choice

10 Up/Downs

10 Leg Swings (each leg)

5 More Minutes Coaches Choice Mobility


Metcon (Time)

With a partner, 150 KB swings (each) for time

Partner A: 400 m run

Partner B: 50 foot sled push (add 55/35) + max rep kb swing

Large class? Rotate groups between sled push and sled pull. For sled pull (145/105)

Cool Down

Calf roll out with LAX ball, 1 min each

Foam roll quads, 1 min

Foam roll hammies, 1 min

Work on ankle mobility