Saturday 6-28-2014


Saturday 6-28-2014

Regular Saturday Schedule.
8:00 members only
9:00 & 10:00 Free to friends family and public! First three Saturdays free, Drop in of $20 thereafter!


Workout of the Day
Team of Two
One person working at a time.
100 Slam Balls 40/30
800m Run
100 DB Push Press 35/25
800m Run
100 Slam Balls

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Good Luck to Annie B with her first competition tomorrow in the Springs!! Go Annie!


From The Movement Fix:

You are an athlete and life is an athletic event.

Picking up the laundry basket?
Move like an athlete.

Putting a bag of dog food in the car?
Move like an athlete.

Move like an athlete.

Picking up luggage at the baggage claim?
Move like an athlete.

Helping your friend move furniture?
Move like an athlete.

You move like an athlete at the gym, why does it change once you leave?

Live like an athlete.