Saturday, 6-23-2012


Saturday, 6-23-2012

Today’s schedule:
8:00-9:00am Alpine only members class
9:00-9:30am Gym mat cleaning – thank you for everyone who helped Friday night!!!!
9:30-10:30am  Olympic Lifting class with Coach Foust
9:30-10:30am  Free class and open to public
8:00am Class
In teams of 3 complete for time:
Strict pull-ups
Calorie row
KB push press 55/35
Sandbox burpees!
**Only one team member may work at a time.
**Additional burpees for chicken-necking the strict pull-ups
**Shake off and stomp off after the sandbox burpees please
9:30am Class
40-30-20 for time of:
Sandbox burpees
x10m Run
 x10m Run

Rachel still had a smile left after yesterday's 400m lunges....and she wore a 10# vest (STUD!)

On a scale of 1-10 how awesome was yesterday’s 400m lunge WOD?

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  1. Jennifer

    Two days later, I think of the WOD every time I sit down or stand up. Ouch!!!
    The WOD was a 10. Just not something I want to do again for a few months 🙂