Saturday 4-6-2013


Saturday 4-6-2013

8:00 Members Only WOD
9:00 Free to Public WOD
10:00 Foundations
10:30 Open 13.5 Competition
4 min AMRAP
15 Thrusters
15 Chest to Bar Pullups
*if you get 90+ reps you get another 4:00
*If you get 180+reps you get yet another 4:00!
4:00 Amrap
10 Wall Ball 20/14
10 Pull Ups
rest 2:00
4:00 Amrap
10 Ball Slams 40/30
10 Abmat Situp
“I suck at this”

“I’m so out of shape”

“I am so slow”

Words often muttered when something tough comes up, maybe it’s DU you suck at, or you are slow cranking out pullups, or you get winded after an 8 min mile.

But guess what – for someone in the room with you, all of those things are hard – some are even out of the realm of comprehension and current ability.

Someone in the room wishes they had your “slow” pullups; someone in the room wishes they had ring rows.

Someone will get winded after a 10 min mile, or a 12 min mile.

Maybe you are coming back from an injury, or a baby, or a long vacation and you aren’t where you used to be.

Maybe you are someone who always thinks they aren’t doing well – who is always wishing for the next level.

That’s fine.

Just stop saying it out loud – because for the person next to you, who looks up to you, who wants to have even half the skills you have will feel pretty crappy about their level if you berate your own.

Even if you are the athlete in the room scaling the WOD the most – there is still someone out there who is wishing they could do what you do each and every day.

Just think about that next time you want to talk about how “bad” you are.

2 Responses

  1. Emily

    Very nice reminder for all of us! Even on our worst day at Crossfit we are still out and active and doing things others may only dream of – thank you!