Saturday, 4-14-2012


Saturday, 4-14-2012

Nutrition seminar today at 10:00am with RZ and Rob-o. 30 & 60 day Paleo challenges start tomorrow at 12:01am!
WOD for both 8:00am class (Alpine members only please) and 9:00am class (Free to public!):
For time:
50 Box jumps 24″/20″
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 KB Swings 35/25
50 Walking lunges
50 Knees to elbow
50 Push press 45/33
50 Back extensions
50 Wall balls 20/14 10’/9′
50 Burpees
50 Double unders
*Depending on your skill level, the 9:00am class will have the option to do the “dirty thirty” (filthy fifty but scaled to 30 reps per movement)
9:00-11:00am OPEN GYM
9:00-10:00am Foundations class #4
We’re pumped!!!  Time to announce our first competition of 2012: The Legends Competition presented by Alpine CrossFit and Simply Pure Nutrients.  Registration will open next Monday at 8:00am.  REGISTRATION LINK.  Plan to register early Alpine…this one will fill up fast!
Date:  Friday June 15th & Saturday June 16thTime: 5pm-9pm Friday; 8am-5pm Saturday

Address: Alpine CrossFit 12090 W 50th Place 80033

Cost: $55 for first 25 registrants; $60 for next 25 registrants; $65 for final 25 registrants & waitlist.

Alpine CrossFit and Simply Pure Nutrients are proud to present one of the few age category events in Colorado: The Legends Competition.  This is a 2-day event which will test constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity across broad time, modalities, and age domains.

Age categories

Women 29 & under, Women 30-39, Women 40-49, Women 50+

Men 29 & under, Men 30-39, Men 40-49, Men 50+


All WODs and movement standards will be released on Tuesday May 15th at 8:00pm on this page, our website, and on Facebook.  There will be multiple WODs/events on each day.  We will not be offering scaling; we have arranged our programming (on some WODs) so that no scaling will be necessary (hint: think “all inclusive” CrossFit Open style).  We will also release Friday evening and Saturday heat schedules at this time.

Max weights

Below are the max weights and movements we will use for each age category.  Please know that we may also go lighter in each category.  Max lifts and strength ladders may also be incorporated.   

Movement 39 & Under Age: 40-49 Age: 50+
Deadlift 275/175 225/155 185/125
Back Squat 225/155 185/125 165/110
Front Squat 165/110 135/95 135/95
Overhead Squat 115/75 95/65 95/65
Zercher Squat 165/110 135/95 135/95
PowerClean 165/110 135/95 135/95
Squat Clean 165/110 135/95 135/95
Jerk 135/95 115/75 115/75
Power Snatch 115/75 95/65 95/65
Squat Snatch 115/75 95/65 95/65
SDHP 115/75 95/65 95/65
Thruster 115/75 95/65 95/65
Ball Slams 50/40 40/30 30/20
Kettlebells 70/55 55/35 45/25
Burpees Yes Yes Yes
Odd Objects Yes Yes Yes
Pull-ups Chest to bar Chin over Chin over
Jumps Yes Yes Yes
Wall Ball 30/20 20/14 20/10
Rowing Yes Yes Yes
Running Yes Yes Yes
Double unders Yes Yes Yes
Dips Yes Yes Yes
Handstand push-ups Yes Yes Yes
Climbing Yes Yes Yes
Muscle-ups No No No
Registration/Check-inRegistration for this event will close on 8:00pm Sunday June 10th. Please note that the there is an increase in price as more athletes register so REGISTER EARLY!  Registration is limited to the first 75 people who enter, regardless of age or gender category.  Check-in and packet pick-up is 5-8pm Thursday June 14th at Alpine CrossFit.  There will be no late registration on Friday for this event.


We will have prizes for the Top 3 competitors in each category from Simply Pure Nutrients as well as additional generous sponsors.  The winner in each category will win a free entry into our 2nd annual CrossFit competition at the 2012 NPC Warrior Classic on August 17th & 18th in Loveland, CO.  The entry into the Warrior is $75 and will include cash prizes.


We have event sponsorship and vendor packages available.  Please email [email protected] for more information.  Vendor set-up will start at 1:00pm Friday and 7:00am Saturday morning.


We are looking for additional Judges and Volunteers for this event.  We will be providing a very high level of judging.  We wiill have multiple judges meetings prior to the event which will be coordinated via email.  Volunteers and judges will receive free food at the event and Judges will also receive supplements from Simply Pure Nutrients for their time.  Please email [email protected] or call us at 303-263-2997.  We always appreciate volunteers – without you events are not possible.  Thank you!

We will have more event information sent to our competitors via email during the week of the event.