Seth Hendrix

Seth Hendrix Fitness Trainer At Gym Near Arvada, CO

Snatch 230
400+ watt pace for a 30 min aab test
Lots O’ HS walking and muscle ups
2:57 Fran


  • Crossfit L-1
  • Borderline obsessive YT degree in fitness
  • Collegiate athlete
  • PHD in underwater ceramics

I was a competitive swimmer growing up. I podiumed at nationals a number of times. During my time in the pool, I was exposed to CrossFit methodology and I knew I’d become involved once my swimming career took its course. I have fallen in love with the competitive side of CrossFit as well as the community.

My only enemy is my own unwillingness and ignorance. No one holds me back except me

Motivation & Passion

I absolutely love seeing athlete leave their ego at the door and truly commit to what they’re doing. Intensity is freedom and I know that when an athlete walks in ready to work and is on the floor after workouts I know that I can really have a positive impact on both their physical performance and their perception of their own potential. Getting better is fun!