Dana Taillie


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • BA communication & marketing

Growing up I was always into sports, coming home covered in mud and bruises. I played competitive softball through high school and competed in TaeKwanDo at the collegiate level as a Black Belt. During my senior year in college, I was looking for something else outside of TaeKwanDo and a friend introduced me to CrossFit and I immediately fell in love with the intensity and all the lifts I had yet to master.

The turning point in my journey was my relationship with food. As an athlete and college student, I drank a lot and didn’t always eat the best foods or the amount of food to fuel my body. At a previous CrossFit gym, I met a friend who offered to help me understand how my nutrition was impacting my fitness. Since working with her for the past few years I’ve changed my body composition and learned to fuel my adventures inside and outside the gym with good nutritionally dense foods.

Motivation & Passion

I love seeing the moment when an athlete accomplishes their goal and the pure joy and excitement they feel. Whether it’s their first kipping pull-up or successfully executing a technique. When it clicks for them and they understand what their hard work has culminated to. Everyone has a starting point and helping athletes in their journey is what fulfills me as a coach.