Annie Brunner

Annie Brunner Coach of CrossFit Near Denver, CO

Man, I’m sort of a washed-up, has-been.
I still have a decent 400m time for my size – 1:06 is my fastest
34 is my max pull-up set
I won the most recent Colorado Spartan Race in my age group
Once upon a time I could squat #300 and deadlift #385
I say yes to any workout


  • MBA, BS in Business Admin
  • Collegiate Performance Analyst
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum certified
  • USAW 1
  • CF-L1

Honestly, I have been coaching since I was in middle school. I started coaching as a leveraging opportunity to get more time with my goalkeeper coach. Growing up, if I helped the coach train the younger goalkeepers, he would stay after and train me – now that I’m older I realize how selfless that was. I somehow convinced that coach to continue coaching me at the University of Colorado. Under the same circumstances, I helped him in return. Somewhere along the way, I became fiercely passionate about coaching. There’s something special about helping people discover a greater potential. Soccer coaching bled into CrossFit, and, like I tend to do – I went all-in with it and bought the gym. Now, I’m just trying to do everything possible to make Alpine a gym that positively impacts the lives of everyone on Colorado’s Front Range. It’s an ambitious goal, but we have a coaching staff that truly believes it’s possible.

What was the turning point that has positioned me where I am today? To be honest I am where I am because I knew that I could impact more people if I had the resources to realize my vision. I came for the collegiate sports world where many of my actions as a coach and athlete were the result of a “win at all costs” mentality. I’m not minimizing that mindset at all, but at a certain level, it became unhealthy – my countless amount of surgeries are proof of that. After I tore the root of my meniscus coaching soccer, I decided it was time to pursue a less competitive (but still obviously super competitive ;)) lifestyle.

Motivation & Passion

My biggest passion for coaching has always been youth. The younger generation is so moldable inside a class structure. I know the more youth we are able to reach, the more positive role models there will be directly influencing our younger generation. I’m also passionate about helping people know they are awesome, and with a supportive community behind them, they can do big things. To help people realize this, when I coach, you can expect 100% positive language and encouragement. The more I can encourage, the more people remember they are awesome. Everyone needs someone who believes in them – I cherish being the believer.