Monthly Performance WOD Challenges


Monthly Performance WOD Challenges

New monthly “Performance” WOD

Starting in the month of September, we began posting a monthly challenge WOD that is reflective of a workout you might see in a competition setting. This WOD can be done anytime during the month! We just ask that you post your score and so it in the presence of another athlete or coach.

Why did we decide to post this monthly challenge?

While all of you athletes are able to immerse yourselves in a competitive environment in the daily WODs, we want to give some extra credit to one WOD per month. One WOD where you can prep for the workout the day before and day of–just like you are going into a competition.

We certainly understand that not every member thrives on competition, and we’re huge advocates of that mindset, but for those of you who are consistently signing up for competitions–these monthly challenges are for you. Show up, throw down, and test your competitive capacity against some of the best athletes in the Region!