Monday, September 9th: CrossFit


Monday, September 9th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Week Two of our new cycle going down. What are your skill goals?


400m Run

Stuart McGills “Big 3”:

2 Rounds:

-5 Bird Dog ea. Side

-5 Roll-Up Sit-Ups

-20s Side Plank ea. Side


3 Rounds:

-Single Leg Squat to Box/Bench x 10 ea.

-Inverted Row x 10

-10 Push-Ups (Scale to Knee’s)


Back Squat

Every 3min, for9 mins(3 Sets):

– 10 BS under 30s.

**You are building to heaviest possible weight where you can complete 10 back squats within the 30s.**


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

The goal for today is to get more TTB reps than you got last week even though you are getting less rest and doing a little bit more work. 🙂
4 Sets:

-20/15 Cal Row

-10 Rower Facing Burpees


*Rest 1:45*


-18/15 Cal Row (Drop Further to keep stimulus)

-10 Burpee’s

– K2E –> Straight Leg Raise (Parallel Legs)–> Knee Tucks (Knee’s Above Naval) –> 20s ME Lying T2Rig

Extra Gains

Functional Body-Building:

3 Sets:

– A1) Double KB Cossack Squat x 6 (R) + 6 KB Presses in Bottom of Final Rep (R) ea. Side -Rest 60-90s

-A2) DB Hold GHD Hip Extension x 6 + 6 Static Extension DB Row x 6

-Rest 2:00

3 Sets:

– B1) Lying Ring Hamstring Curl Alternating x 16 (8 ea.) -Keep bridge position. -Rest 60-90s

-B2) Banded Terminal Knee Extensions x 15 ea. Leg (Slow & Controlled) -Rest 60-90s