Monday, September 25th: CrossFit


Monday, September 25th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


Masters Championships in Cheyenne & LiftUp Autism at Alpine this Saturday! Who’s doing what?


Rowing “Power 10”. (No Measure)

After ea. Pair of Movements, 10 HARD Pulls on the Rower

15 Jumping Jacks + 10 Inch-Worms

15 Hollow Body Rocks + 12 Scorpions (On Stomach; 6 ea. Side)

10 Plow to Straddle + 10 Cossack Squats

12 Kipping Motions (Hanging) + 8 Burpee High-Jumps

12 Minute AMRAP


Alternating EMOM x 24 Minutes (6 Sets ea. Movement)

A1: Strict Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups (Pronated) (6-6-6-6-6-6)

4-6 Reps

A2: Front Rack Lunge (12-12-12-12-12-12)

12 Double KB Front Rack Lunges

A3: AbMat Sit-Ups (12-12-12-12-12-12)

A4: Russian Kettlebell Swings (10-10-10-10-10-10)

Heavy but UB

Cool Down

Metcon (No Measure)

Cool Down Series:

400m Sandbag Carry (Light and Recovery Focused)

Hip IR/ER w/ Light Plate x 10 ea. Leg (Tempo= 3s Eccentric/Concentric)

60s Cobra

Extra Gains

A1: Dumbbell Side Tilts (12-12-12)

A2: Weighted Plank (45s-45s-45s)

B: Metcon (No Measure)

15 Minute AB or Row for Recovery Focus