Monday, May 1st: Practice


Monday, May 1st: Practice

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


A: Front Squat Warm UP (No Measure)

500 m run:

-3 min Banded FR on box w/ PVC pipe

-2 min/side runners lunge, elevate front foot on 45lb plate to increase ROM

-1 min gobblet squat

-T-spine rollout

B: Barbell Front Squat Review (No Measure)

-Front Rack Position

-Tempo Squats

Strength (not for time)

APRE-6 Front Squat (Max Effort)

Cycle Based on 82.5% Front Squat Max:

-8 at 50%

-6 at 75%

-ME at 100%

-ME at 100% +/-

1st ME Set: 0-2=-20lbs,


5-7lbs= Stay the same

8-10= +10lbs



Metcon (No Measure)

3 Rounds for Quality, 1 min rest betwen
A1) Farmer Carry Step Ups x 16

A2) Single Leg RDL x 8 ea. Leg (3s Eccentric)

A3) Hanging Straight Leg Raise x 10-15 (Slow and Controlled)

Cool Down Mobility