Monday, March 4th: CrossFit


Monday, March 4th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Happy March Athletes! Open WOD 19.2 scores are due today by 5:00pm. Be sure they are logged into WODIFY under the benchmark metcon “CrossFit Open Workout 19.2” so Coach Nate can verify scores for teams!


General Warm-Up: AB w/ Partner x 3 Rounds Alternating:

Partner 1 Does 12/9 Calories while other performs Hollow to Superman Rolls

Specific: 3 Rounds:

-KB Pry-Squat x 20s

-KB Goblet Carry Good Morning x 10

-Burpee Broad Jump x 6

Front Squat (E3MOM x 12: 6(70%),5,5(75%),4(75-80%))

Performance: E3MOM x12:00:

-Zombie Squat Triples (Rounds 1&2= 80%, Rounds 3 &4= 85%)

Metcon (Time)

2 Sets for Total Time:

2 Rounds:

-8 DL(225#)

-8 Box Facing Burpee Box Jump Overs(24/20″)

Then right into 3 minute AB after the second round.

**Every Calorie you get on the bike is 1s off your total time..**
Performance: E3MOM x 9:00=

-10 DB Death March Steps (Moderate DB’s)

-8 Burpee Step-Ups

-60s Assault Bike For Calories

(Score= 9:00 Clock minus Overall Calories from AB)

Cool Down

-Light AB x 2-3:00 Cool Down

-Foam Roll Quads & Glutes x 45-60s

-Pigeon Stretch x 45s ea. Side

-Paleo Chair w/ OH Banded Hold x 45s ea. Arm (1:30 Hold total)