Monday, January 21st: CrossFit


Monday, January 21st: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Happy Monday Athletes! We are less than a month out from the 2019 CrossFit Open! Who’s excited?!?!


General: Partner AB Warm-Up: 3 Rounds ea.

-Partner 1: AB x 12/10 while other maintains plank.

Specific: 3 Rounds:

-20s Squat Mini-Jumps (Never come up more than half way)

-5 & 5 Lateral Banded Walk + High Pull

Metcon (Time)

Alt EMOM x 20:00

-Minute 1= 3 Back Squat SINGLEs @85% of 3-Rep Max

-Minute 2= 15/12 Calorie Row at 1200/1000 cal/hr

-Minute 3= 14 Farmer Carry Lunges, in place(53/35# each hand)

-Minute 4= 50 DU

-Minute 5= 40s Elbow Plank.

*You are recording the weight you used for the Back Squats
Performance: Alt. EMOM x 20:00

1) Box Squat x 3 at 75-80% 1RM

2) 45s Row at Moderate Pace

3) Walking Lunge x 12-16 Steps (Unweighted)

4) 30s Single Skips/Double Under Practice

5) Side Plank x 30s (Alternating Sides ea. Round of EMOM)

Cool Down

Spend 5 minutes foam rolling lower body. Specifically Quads and Calves.