Monday, April 1st: CrossFit


Monday, April 1st: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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New cycle starts this week! Look out for the next ‘Chase the Stimulus’ video by Coach Nate coming out later this week.


General: Light 400m Run/3:00 AB

Specific: 2 Sets

-Banded Bicycle x 20

-Banded Lateral Walk

-Upright Row x 25′ ea. Side

then, Alt. EMOM x 6:00

1) Banded High Knee Run x 20s

2) Single Leg RDL x 6 ea. Side (Light KB)

Metcon (Time)

Cardio Mash: Part 1


-3 rounds:

500m row

400m run.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Cardio Mash: Part 2

15-30 min=


-20/15 cal AB

-20 KB Swings(50/35#)

-20 Goblet Squats(50/35#)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Cardio Mash : Performance:

Alt. EMOM x 25:00

1) 45s Row at Moderate Pace

2) Burpee Step-Up x 8-10

3) Assault Bike x 45s at Moderate Pace

4) Single Arm Russian KBS x 10 ea. Arm

5) Goblet Squat x 6 + 15s Hold in Bottom (Moderate KB)

**Score is number of completed minutes. Highest score can be 25.**

Cool Down

-Accumulate 60-90s Tall Banded Lunge

-2:00 Paleo Chair

Extra Gains

3 Sets:

A1) Front Foot Elevated Split Squats (Single KB Front Rack Carry over Open Hip) x 6 w/ 3131 Tempo

A2) Double KB OH Walk x 100′

A3) Wtd. Plank Hold x 45s