Monday, 9-5-2011


Monday, 9-5-2011

Only one WOD today at 8:00am
Today is the 2nd Official WOD at Alpine 2.0!!
Floor Press  9×2
In teams of 3, complete as many Thrusters (135/95) as possible in 7 minutes.  One barbell per team.

Saturday crew. First official WOD at Alpine CrossFit's new jam! You guys are great!!!


Today we will be starting the BURPEE CHALLENGE in “celebration” of our new jam.  How this works:
Today, Day 1, perform 1 burpee
Tomorrow, Day 2, perform 2 burpees
Wednesday, Day 3, perform 3 burpees
Etc, Etc for 100 days.
Rules:  Hold each other accountable to finish this challenge!; Burpees must be completed within a 24 hour time frame; burpees do not have to be completed all at once; if there are burpees programmed in your daily WOD, they do not count towards your # of challenge burpees for that day; burpees can be performed anywhere; if you miss a day, you can add those burpees to your next day’s burpees (example: you were busy and missed the burpees on day 37 so you will do 75 burpees on day 38 (37+38) so don’t miss a day!); Burpees are not performed for time until the final day when we will perform 100 for time as our WOD.
You can refer to this challenge as the “first 100 GLORIOUS days of Alpine 2.0”!!

Little Jesse (aka El Sexo) using a short reach to help re-transform Alpine 1.0

I have been deeply moved by all of you have helped transform Alpine 2.0 and who have helped clean and move Alpine 1.0 equipment.  Many of you took most of your holiday weekend to help make the move possible.  You are all amazing!!  We have a lot of wonderful people at Alpine (Coaches, athletes, friends and family members) and I am so thankful for all of you.  You are all like family to me and I can’t thank you all enough!!!
Your help will still be much appreciated tomorrow.  We still have more tasks to complete!  Thank you!