Monday, 8-29-2016


Monday, 8-29-2016

We are all gunna miss the Tan Andy/Ben combo as they leave us for the school year. The Sappys have been a fixture at the gym and know how important their fitness is. They even take it on the road to California with them and use the fitnessing while getting a flat tire and waiting for AAA. Have fun and be safe out there guys!

Workout of the Day

Work up to a heavy 5 rep deadlift. Last performed on August 18th if you want to look back through wodify scores to see what you posted.


8 Minute AMRAP-Ladder
Deadlift 315/205
Ring Muscle-Up

Continue doing reps, increasing each round until time runs out
*Sub 1 MU transition on low rings, plus 1 Ring dip for MU

Post your scores to Wodify.