Monday, 8-29-2011


Monday, 8-29-2011

Happy Birthday Troy!
3 Attempts at Max Box Jump Height
3 RFT:
8 Strict Pull-ups
29 Tire flips
50 meter Tire throw

Alpine’s COLO Open Athletes (plus Paul!)
Awesome work this weekend!!
Thanks to everyone who came out to support these guys as they worked through 5 workouts over 2 days!
We had a great time hangin in the tent and meeting up with fellow CrossFitter friends from around Colorado!


5 Responses

    1. Paul

      That sucks I missed that picture! I had to get home and do a bunch of homework and prepare for my first day of work. I had a great time in the competition.

  1. Thanks for letting us use your ice bath and for all the support from ya’ll. Glad we were neighbors over the weekend. Awesome to catch up with you guys. High time I made a visit over there…after I start to feel my legs again! 🙂

  2. robbyz

    Hi Leah!! Just saw this sorry! You are very welcome for the ice bath and yes please please stop in sometime and WOD with us!! Anytime you like.