Monday, 7-2-2012


Monday, 7-2-2012

Wednesday for the 4th of July we will be having ONE CLASS for everyone starting at 8:30am and we will not be having any other classes during the day.  We will be doing a HERO WOD on Wednesday for our Country’s Birthday!  There is a chance we will cancel Thursday morning classes because of the Holiday as well.  Please post to comments (on this post) if you plan to attend 5:30am and 6:30am class on Thursday 7/5/2012 just so we can confirm that we will have enough bodies there to hold a class.  THANK YOU!!!
Week 5 of 12: Monday squattin’ and pressin’.  Last week we “de-loaded” and went back to your week 1 load. 
Back Squat 3×5 – add 5lbs/2.5lbs to your numbers from week 3
Press 3×5 – add 2.5lbs/1-2lbs to your numbers from week 3
***Please get these lifts in during Open Gym every week if you have to miss a Monday.
2012 Legends Competition WOD #4  (see our Legends page to learn specific standards)
2 Rounds for max reps:
1min Hang Power Snatch 95/65   Ages 40-49: 85/60    50+: 75/55
1min Box Jump 24″/20″    50+: 20″
1min Handstand Push-Up
1min Front Squat  95/65    40-49: 85/60    50+: 75/55
**Running 8min clock; no rest between rounds.

Miche couldn’t forget about the lime green and black while on her Honeymoon in Italy. Thanks for the photo Miche and CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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  1. RobbyZ

    Cool thanks guys and we will be sure to hold Thurs AM classes. Just making sure we have numbers for them