Monday, 6-27-2011


Monday, 6-27-2011

ME Press 7×2
30 Shoulders to overhead  65/45
20 Toes to bar
Incredible weekend at Tough Mudder, hanging out in Vail, and rafting with Clear Creek Rafting. A weekend I will definitely never forget!  You are all amazing friends!
More photos and videos to come….
We need to hear about everyone’s big events this past weekend (Heather, Chris, Miche, and Dre) as well!

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  1. Lily

    What an incredibly fun, tough, limit pushing weekend! Never going to forget the ‘staches and mohawks, the breathe taking water [36 degrees never felt more awful!], the “Bear Fights” [who really won? The black or brown bear??], the beauty of Vail, the badass battle wounds, and of course who could forget the Class 4 rapids [definitely not Janet, she sure got the wrath of “Outer Limits”!!]?? Thank you all, I love that I get to be part of the team and better yet call you all my friends! Team Alpine!!!!