Monday 6-24-2013


Monday 6-24-2013

Workout of the Day
Front Squat Cluster 3.3.3 x3
10 rest between
2:00 rest between sets
Add weight to each set

10-1 Deadlift 225/155
1-10 Burpee

Olympic Lifting – Our once per month tests!
Snatch 1RM!!!
Clean and Jerk 1RM!!!
Back Squat 5×3
RDL 5×3
GHD 5×20

Congrats to all the athletes that attended the OPENutrition seminar this weekend and are taking part of the nutrition challenge that starts TODAY! If you were unable to attend, there will be a WEBINAR tonight that outlines everything for the challenge. Winner gets a free month of CrossFit!!

Click the following link to register for this event:

Are you looking to boost performance?
Want to shed body fat and gain new lean muscle mass?
Are you interested in a whole foods diet of meat + vegetables + fat?
Take the OPENutrition Challenge!

Join us for this two hour webinar where we will cover the how to’s of the OPENutrition Challenge. Ask all of your pressing diet questions and test a nutrition program that gets results!