Monday 6-10-2013


Monday 6-10-2013

Workout of the Day
From CrossFit OneWorld

Complete the following for time:

25 deadlifts (M:215#/W:173#)
25 squat clean and jerks (M:125#/W:83#)
25 thrusters (M:75#/W:53#)
25 overhead squats (M:45#/W:33#)

Men will load the 45# bar in the following order: 15# then 25# then 45#. Women will load the 33# bar in the following order: 10# then 15# then 45#. Strip a set of plates off after each movement is completed.

**** We want this to be completed in less than 15 minutes. So scale weight accordingly!!!!

Strength WOD
Snatch Pull from Floor-Full Snatch
1×3,1×2,1×2 x3
Split Jerk
1×3,1×3,1×3,1×3 x3
Back Squat
1×5,1×5,1×2,1×3 x3
Clean Pull
1×3,1×3,1×3 x3
GHD 4×25
RDL 5×5


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