Monday, 5-4-2015


Monday, 5-4-2015

She snuck this by us last week =)  Happy belated birthday to our very hard working young lady, Lori!!
 Quick re-cap of the USAW Weightlifting Meet at Front Range CrossFit:  The weekend was a huge success for Sabrina and Coach Dylan as both finished with competition PR’s!!  Sabrina overcame some nerves from her previous meet (I say that with nothing but love, Swollbrina =)  and went 4 for 6 in her lifts finishing with a 43kg Snatch and 60 Clean&Jerk.  Dylan had plenty left in the Snatch (102kg) and hit a PR in the C&J at 130kg.  His 232kg total was good for 3rd place!  He spends a LOT of time and passion into developing all of our lifts so its great to see him get this accomplishment.  Congrats you two and thanks for inspiring us!!

 Workout of the Day
Back Squat – Find your 1 rep max!
Give the benchmark Squat 100% effort, then,
If you are someone who reads the conditioning on the website BEFORE deciding that you are going to train that day, then I recommend you do not scroll any further and make the commitment to come in and train Monday…
For serious….
Just don’t go any further and plan to come in…..
Do we have a deal yet????
Ok last chance…..

For time:
150 Burpees


Yup, sorry. Its a great conditioning piece/benchmark at least.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.