Monday 3-4-2013


Monday 3-4-2013

It’s Here! one rep max shoulder press!

Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

For Time:
Row 500m
50 pushups
50 Abmat Situps



Happy Birthdays (yesterday) to Emily and Mike!! We’ll be celebrating with Birthday WODs on Friday!!

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  1. robbyz

    Ok gang! Here is the posting contest which I just emailed to everyone…

    Oh, and if there is a tie (which I’m sure there will be), we will draw names out of a hat for the prize, deal?

    Hey Team!

    Quick email to spark up some conversation and posts on our site. It would be great to get our community more involved in our daily postings and chat about the WOD, your thoughts, times/loads/results, etc there. You can easily comment with just your name and you can even comment anonymously. I think it would be so cool if we could get 100+ comments some day like gyms like CF New England!!

    *From today through March 31st
    *Limit one per day and please try to keep it relevant to the daily workout but comments like “I love Fran!” and “Who digs my new shoes?!” will still be accepted 🙂
    *This free item includes t-shirts, Alpine gear, SPN supplements, fish oil, protein, jump rope, etc!

    I am also working on a deal with Beyond the Whiteboard to get our members FREE WOD tracking/journal-ing on our site. Stay tuned…

    Happy commenting!! 🙂


  2. Jeremy

    those WODS are the same from CF homepage unless I am missing something. I thought Foust gave me a different address.

    Here is to a 15# jump in strict press PR today.

    1. robbyz

      Yes there is a different site and I’ll get it from Senior Fousty.

      Congrats on the PR!!!! That’s a HUGE improvement!!

  3. Jeremy

    Also, how does someone get judged to be worthy of a ‘hero WOD’? Is it only 1st responders and military? What about retired athletes who embodded the work ethic of fitness? Ramon Dekkers, 8 time world thai boxing champ and first non-thai to win Thai Boxer of Year died at only 43 years old. Over 240 fights I am sure didn’t help but you have to be in shape to fight that long, that hard and win in the backyard of where the sport was spawned. One of my favorite combat athletes to watch.

    1. robbyz

      Good question….I’m not really sure. I know it is a fallen military, fire or law enforcement officer who was directly involved with CrossFit or did it as part of their fitness/training program. This would be a good question for the CrossFit Discussion Board and the answer may be there too

  4. DrDave

    It’s called a hero WOD for a reason, and while we sometimes do look at our athetic idols as heros, they are not putting their lives on the line for an ideal nobler than money…not to say that they aren’t fun to watch. In addition to first responders, others sometimes are worthy of the hero title. Victoria Soto is the teacher who tried to shield her students from that asshole in Newton. Here is her Hero WOD: I think we should do this WOD every year on her anniversary….and HQ should codify it as one of the heros.

  5. Wade Vogt

    My 1 rep max today was 5 lbs less than last time… I hope strict press in not part of the Open this year!

  6. tracy w

    Can’t say much about today’s WOD except my arms were already sore from other days making pushups a challenge. I do like Dave’s rec on the Victoria WOD, I agree she is a true hero.

  7. Cliff

    I will try this again, guess it didn’t post the first time.
    140# PR push press, quick WOD after and then did some lifting. It was a good way to start the morning.