Monday, 3-21-2016


Monday, 3-21-2016


Be sure to check out Heather’s photography page.  She has been taking some amazing photos from the Saturday Open heats – thanks Heather!!

 Reminder that we will be having an End-Of-The-Open Potluck Party this Saturday starting at 10:30am.  Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there.




Workout of the Day – Happy 16.4 and “ohhhhhh hello there hamstrings & butt!” Similar to LAST WEEK, if you have already done 16.4 then you have the option to 1) perform a 15min AMRAP Goat (ie weaknesses) workout 2) Make-up something you missed from last week, but unlike 16.1, 16.2, 16.3, we do not recommend that you do 16.4 twice as it is murderous on your CNS and posterior chain.  Only 2-3 of you have been doing Open workouts twice but just making sure everyone knows.  Happy 16.4 chipper-ing ya’ll =)

WORKOUT 16.4Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 deadlifts 225/155
55 wall-ball shots 20/14  at 10’/9′
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups  (sub 55 Hand Release Push-ups)
*Scale accordingly to get deeeeep into the 55 HSPU!
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.