Monday, 3-11-2013


Monday, 3-11-2013

The first week of the Open is in the books!  Congrats to everyone who pushed themselves to a new level this past week and maybe hit a few more Snatches at a weight they weren’t even sure was possible.  I was very very impressed with how our ladies did on 13.1 – so much stronger than last year and very inspiring!!!  Check out our team by searching for Alpine CrossFit in the site.  Also, in going forward, I know 13.1 may not have been the WOD some of you were hoping for but that’s what is so fun about CrossFit – preparing for the unknown and pushing yourself to new levels.  Keep working hard on your training and continue to encourage each other and lets all have a lot of fun as a community through these next few weeks!!
Banded Deadlift – 1 rep every 30 seconds for 6 minutes using 55% of your 1 rep max – running clock and performed as a group
Two Rounds For Time:
Overhead Squats  75/55
Lateral Jumps over the Barbell (counting each jump)
Clean and Jerk 165/105
*Use one barbell and change weights in between couplets
*Sub strict pull-ups for muscle-ups; use the assisted muscle-up stations too!
The 75lb Snatch eluded Emily this year but I have a feeling she will be getting all 30 of them when she tries this again in the future!

The 75lb Snatch eluded Emily but I have a feeling she will be getting all 30 of them when she tries this again in the future.  Great work Emily!!!


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  1. Wade Vogt

    I thought I had scaled this WOD appropriately, but the amount of time it took me to complete it begs to differ.

  2. cliff

    This was a challenging wod to say the least. I did the muscle ups with the blue band and that helped abit. A hard one to finish.