Monday, 12-19-2011


Monday, 12-19-2011

SNAP SNAP its Rach’s birthday workout tomorrow – don’t miss this one!
Strict Press (with bands) 9×3 @ 60% of 1RM
2 Rounds:
3min AMRAP
2 Wall walks
*3 Power cleans  135/95
Rest 60sec
– These are two 3min AMRAPS with one min rest in between.  You may continue the 2nd AMRAP with where you left off on the first after a 60sec break.
*Open competitors, use whichever challenges you the most for power cleans: Axel bars, increase weight to 155/105 barbel, or use 115/75 stones.

Jill short. Pete tall. We love all 58" of you Jill!!

Holiday Schedule:
Mon-Thurs: all classes and open gym as scheduled
Friday Dec 23 (one class): 9:00am
Saturday & Sunday: No classes
Monday Dec 26th (one class): 9:00am
Great job on the Holiday Throwdown everyone!  This challenge made for a nice little Saturday.  Remember you can still sign-up, compete, and post your results today.

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