Monday 12-12-2011


Monday 12-12-2011

Happy Birthday Melody (yesterday)!!! and Kenlyn today!!

3:00 AMRepsAP
Prowler Pushes hi/lo 105/70
1:00 rest
Push Jerk 75/55
1:00 rest
Front Squat 75/55
1:00 rest
Weighted Abmat Situps 40/30
Great lifting at our first Weightlifting meet yesterday! Will get all the results up this afternoon!
ATTN Strength athletes: This week we will be hitting Deficit Deadlifts, Weighted Dips, Speed Bench with Bands, and Speed Box Sq.  In class Strength will be Weds for Def. Deads and Friday for Dips.

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  1. RZ

    Happy birthday Melody and Kenlyn!!
    And congrats to all of the winners and athletes who competed on Saturday. It was a great time!
    Strength classes Tues Wed Thurs 5-7pm BE THERE