Monday, 11-21-2016


Monday, 11-21-2016

Congratulations to all of our athletes that competed at the annual MBS Turkey Challenge! A lot of fierce competition out there and everyone did phenomenal
Sarah Hatch took 19th place in the Pro division
Megan Markee too 11th place in the Pro division
Emily competed with CF Golden and crushed it!
You all definitely earned your turkey this year!
Workout of the Day

4 sets of:
Push Press x 3-5 reps
Rest 90 seconds
Weighted Supinated-Grip Pull-Ups x 3-5 reps @ a tempo of 2110
Rest 90 seconds

*If you can get all 5 reps on push press, then increase weight on the next set
*Chin-up tempo, 2 seconds down, 1 second pause at bottom, 1 second up, zero time spent at top.


For time:
10 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lbs)
1 Ring Dip
9 Wall Ball Shots
2 Ring Dips
8 Wall Ball Shots
3 Ring Dips
so on and so on…
1 Wall Ball Shot
10 Ring Dips